What is assessment?

Assessment enables children and teachers to clarify exactly what children know, understand and can do. It informs the next steps in the children’s learning and it monitors their progress.


What is our aim?

At Pinner Wood School we aim to:

  • Recognise and celebrate all pupils’ achievements.
  • Place equal value on all pupils and welcome the diversity among them.
  • Evaluate our teaching, identifying pupils’ strengths and areas for development.
  • Ensure continuity and progression.
  • Identify pupils with special educational needs.
  • Identify pupils with English as an additional language and those from different ethnic minority groups.
  • Identify strengths and areas to develop with new children as they arrive (Years 1-6).
  • Inform parents, support agencies, the local authority and governors.
  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to review their work, to self-assess and set future targets.


What do we believe?

At Pinner Wood School we believe that every child matters and is entitled to have their progress tracked. They are also entitled to have work matched to their level of attainment so that they might progress to the best of their ability.

We believe that we should meet all children’s individual needs.


What do we record?

The progress of each child is tracked electronically on the school’s network. It will include the following information:

  • Baseline assessments made as the children begin in Nursery
  • Statutory baseline assessments for Reception
  • Termly Teacher Assessments for all year groups
  • End of Year 1 Phonics check (and a resit in Year 2 for anybody who doesn't pass in Year 1)
  • End of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) Teacher Assessments in Maths and English 
  • End of Year 4 Multiplication Tests
  • End of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) Assessments in Maths and English
  • End of year reports sent home to parents


Classroom recording will include:

  • Regular marking including comments referring to future learning
  • Updating assessment records in all subjects against what has been taught each term
  • Termly tracking of progress


When do we report?

  • Parent / Teacher appointments are made in Autumn and Spring terms to discuss progress
  • Reports for all pupils are written annually and given to parents at the end of the school year
  • At the end of Foundation Stage parents receive their child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Profile
  • Parents of Year 1 children will receive details of the Year 1 Phonics check
  • At the end of Key Stage 1 parents receive details of their child’s teacher assessment
  • At the end of Year 4 parents receive details of their child's Multiplication Test results
  • At the end of Key Stage 2 parents receive details of their child’s teacher assessment and the SATS results


How we assess at Pinner Wood?

At Pinner Wood, systematic attainment and progress data is inputted, analysed and evaluated termly in all subjects, using a system called Insight. 

At Pinner Wood, we assess using a ‘Point in Time’ model. This means that each child is assessed according to the subject knowledge and skills that they have been taught that term.  A judgement is made about whether a child is 'working at' an age expected level. Interventions, scaffolding and support are put in place for any child who is not. A chance to work at a deeper level is provided for any children who are 'working above' this expectation.


More information can be found on assessment on our policies and procedures page.

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