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At Pinner Wood we are proud to have Pabulum as our catering provider. Pabulum’s vision is to ensure that all children can enjoy tasty, healthy primary school meals every day, and embrace the experience of learning about the benefits of fresh, seasonal ingredients. 94% of the food is freshly prepared in the large Pinner Wood kitchen and 75% of the food is locally British sourced. We have an executive Chef on site, who along with her team, prepare the meals for the pupils each day. You can view the Menu for the week by clicking on the following link below.


The Dining Experience

Pabulum provides a ‘Dining-Experience.’. Our dining rooms are set up to reflect a restaurant experience. This includes table cloths, bread baskets and napkins on the tables. Healthy eating in primary schools is important to us, so we ensure children have a fantastic range of options for their main meal every day, including a vegetarian equivalent, with fresh vegetables and a Halal option. If they prefer something a little lighter, there’s fresh pasta and sauce, or jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings. They can also choose from eight different salads – from simple lettuce and tomato to more adventurous options such as kale and mango. To accompany their preferred dish, fresh wholemeal bread is baked on site every day, and a range of flavoured breads are also provided, these change each week. And for dessert, children can enjoy freshly cut seasonal fruit, homemade yoghurt or mousse, and a seasonal pudding served with fresh custard.

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To find out more about Pabulum, their suppliers or company initiatives then please follow them on Twitter (@Pabulum-Catering), or check out their website for the latest blogs and news stories,  alternatively you can call them on 01252 819991.


Free School Meals For All

From September 2023, all children in KS2 (Year 3 to Year 6) will receive a free school meal under the pilot scheme being rolled out to all schools in London Boroughs by the Mayor of London.

Children in Reception to Year 2 will continue to receive a free school meal under the current arrangements (known as Universal Free School Meals).

Please see below letter from the Mayor of London.

FSM Letter.jpg FSM Letter 2.jpg


Guidelines for Packed Lunches

We appreciate the support that parents and carers give us in providing healthy packed lunches to be eaten in school.  We ask parents not to include nuts or any nut products in their children’s lunchboxes as some children in the school are allergic to them, even touch or smell can make them very ill.

We recommend:

Protein and carbohydrate based items – 1-2 per lunch box

Eg.  Cheese sandwich, pasta salad with tuna, ham roll, rice salad with meat or fish, egg and salad sandwich, tortilla wrap with chicken and vegetables, bean and couscous salad, cheese and crackers.

Fruit and vegetable based items – 1 or 2 per lunch box

Eg. Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, fruit salads, fruit in natural juice, fruit yogurts, fromage frais, carrot sticks, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes etc.

Drinks – 1 per lunch box

Still water (this can be plain, flavoured or fruit juice but not squash).

Please continue to support the school’s commitment to healthy eating by NOT including the following items in your child’s lunch box –crisps, confectionary, chocolate bars, sweetened drinks, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, nuts and sweets.



Information on supporting children with severe allergies at Pinner Wood can be found on our policies and procedures page and in our treat letter below.

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