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At Pinner Wood school

At Pinner Wood, reading is a priority which underpins all areas of the curriculum. From their first day, through high quality, engaging books, the children are introduced to a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

We ensure children have a firm grasp of phonics through teaching using the Read, Write, Inc. programme in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Read, Write Inc. is a consistent reading programme that combines the teaching of phonics, reading and writing. We pride ourselves on our small group teaching of phonics which ensures the appropriate level of support and challenge for the children.

From Year 2 onwards, the children take part in whole class guided reading lessons. For the children, the guided reading lesson means reading, oracy, drama and writing about an interesting variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. The children take on reciprocal reading roles (predictor, summariser, clarifier and questioner) that focus on comprehension strategies which they can apply to the reading of new texts.

At Pinner Wood all teachers highly value reading and understand its importance.  Teachers have carefully selected books to read and share with the class. These class readers are read to the children every day to help them learn how to use language to make sense of the world. We know that teachers who read aloud to their classes motivate their pupils to read. Reading helps to develop vocabulary, comprehension and information processing skills.

Children at Pinner Wood have a passion for reading, they are enthusiastic, and have access to a broad and ever-growing range of literature available through our own library and the Harrow Library Service. The children have access to an ever-growing range of diverse literature. This ensures that all cultures are represented and celebrated. As reading is central to our wider curriculum, the children have opportunities to read in all lessons, linked to a range of subjects.

Teachers and support staff inspire children of all ages to enjoy reading in a variety of ways.  The reading corners are vibrant, engaging and stocked with books that the children and teachers have chosen. Staff and students take part in whole school, class and individual reading competitions and challenges with exciting prizes.

Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Pinner Wood and children leave us with a lifelong love of the written word.


English at home

At home, the expectation is that each child reads every day.

If your child is still accessing the Read, Write Inc. phonics programme, they will be given a decodeable book matched to their phonics group. For children who have completed the Read, Write Inc. phonics programme, children are assessed by their class teacher carefully matched to coloured book band to suit their reading standard. Children then are given opportunities to select their own home reading book as well as a library book. Children have access to a range of different reading material including: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, graphic novels and play scripts. Reading to and with your child is a fantastic way of supporting their own reading development; they will learn from you as well as having a go themselves. If they see you read, they will want too as well!

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