At Pinner Wood, we are passionate about maths and its significance in our students' lives, both within our local community and the wider world. Our goal is to empower children to confidently apply their mathematical skills in real-life situations, fostering a love for learning and a positive mindset that embraces challenges and learning from mistakes.


Our teachers follow the White Rose Maths approach, which places a strong emphasis on a deep understanding of numbers. Our teaching method, known as CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract), ensures that we build mathematical concepts step by step, using clear models and visual aids. We prioritise depth of understanding over speed, ensuring that every child can truly grasp each concept. We provide hands-on manipulatives and engaging visuals to make maths come alive.


Each child at Pinner Wood has their own ‘Maths passport’, a child friendly document which accompanies them throughout their time here. This passport is designed to enhance their arithmetic skills, with weekly targets based on key number facts. We celebrate their achievements in school-wide assemblies and encourage them to Dream Big, aiming to reach the final milestone of ‘The Sun.’ during their upper key stage years.


By the time our students complete their time at Pinner Wood, we aim for them to:


  • Demonstrate their understanding of mathematical concepts using manipulatives or written methods.


  • Solve increasingly complex problems by breaking them down into manageable steps, persevering to achieve their goals.


  • Apply their mathematical knowledge rapidly, choosing the most suitable methods for the task.


  • Use their understanding of numbers, generalizations, and mathematical laws, such as the commutative property, to reason and solve problems effectively.


At Pinner Wood Primary School, we are dedicated to nurturing young mathematicians who enjoy learning; our children are resourceful, confident and well-prepared for their future mathematical adventures.

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