Contacting the School

Our Policy is as follows:

We hope that you are really happy with the education and care we provide at Pinner Wood. In most cases, we find that through our many lines of communication and very clear policies, all messages are relayed and there is little need to see us. However, we understand that from time to time, issues can occur.

We pride ourselves on our ‘Open Door Policy’ which means that we aim to be available as soon as practically possible to discuss any issues. We aim to get any matters dealt with quickly and efficiently, so that they can be effectively resolved. We hope to deal with any problems before they have done the rounds of WhatsApp – as experience tells us that this can heighten problems and not always be a helpful solution!


Contacting Teachers

The first port of call should always be with the class teacher. Teachers are around after school, and once all children have been dismissed, are happy to have a quick chat. However, if something needs a little longer, they will arrange a short meeting as soon as is mutually convenient.

Teachers are not available before school or on the door, as this is a very busy point in the day and they are focused on settling the class.

If you can’t be at school, you can always e-mail

Please note that our teachers are a very hard working bunch – their days are busy and filled with many lessons and sometimes they take a club or activity after school. They will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible but at busy times this could take a little longer.


Key Stage Leaders

If the issue is not resolved the next line of contact would be the Key Stage Leader or Subject Leader – they can be reached via the school office. A staff list is on our website.


Senior Team (Miss Marriott, Mrs Bretayne, Mr Mainwaring and Miss Reeves)

We aim to have a member of the senior team on the playground most mornings. We are happy to support with any brief queries. We can be contacted via the office e-mail and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible, but always within 5 working days. Please note some points in the term are busier than others and there may be a short wait.


Complaints Policy

If you have been through all the stages as outlined above and still are not satisfied our policy can be found on our policies and procedures page.

Miss Heather Richardson is our school Complaints Officer and can point you in the right direction. However, we always hope to resolve any issues before it gets to the formal stage.



At Pinner Wood we expect all communication to be polite and respectful between all members of our community. No one has the right to be abusive in person or in written communication. Our expectations are outlined in our Positive Communications Policy. We will take appropriate action on anyone not following this policy.


Pastoral Lead

Mrs Lisa Bennett (Lisa) is our full-time pastoral lead. Her role is to support children (and their families) who are facing challenges that impact their learning/ well-being. Lisa is often on the playground but can be reached via the school office.

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