Nursery Admissions

At Pinner Wood School we have a school based nursery. We offer 15 hour places for either a Morning or an Afternoon Session. In addition to this we also offer some 30 hour places for people that are eligible. Please click below to check your eligibility.

Application forms to be completed online by clicking here.

Please email all supporting documents to

Terms and Conditions & Criteria for applying for a 30 hour place at Pinner Wood School starting in September 2024

Pinner Wood Nursery 30 hour sessions run Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 3.00pm term time only.

To meet the 30 hour criteria you must confirm the following:

  1. I/We confirm my child is born between 1st September 2020 and 31st August 2021.
  2. I/We can confirm we are eligible for a 30 hour nursery place. Please check your eligibility by visiting or follow the link on Pinner Wood website (join us - admissions - criteria for 30 hour nursery).
  3. I/ We can confirm that we are looking to send my child to Pinner Wood for Reception. 
  4. If we are successful in securing a 30 hour nursery place I/we will complete the Nursery Admissions form.
  5. I/We understand the 30 hour offer is not flexible and our child will be expected to have regular attendance at all sessions. Please note as you will be receiving 30 hour Government funding for your place a very specific absence criteria applies. Please read the attendance information below as stated on page 12-13 of the Early Years Providers Handbook


Attendance Infomation

Holiday - To continue to receive funding a child must take no more than 2 weeks (10 school days) holiday throughout the academic year. If the holiday is for more than two weeks, then the funding will only be paid for half a term. If the child then takes another holiday of any length during the same academic year, no further funding will be paid. 

Illness and Absence - If there are exceptional circumstances, for example when a child is genuinely absent due to illness or sickness, the provider (Pinner Wood) should contact FIS to discuss and clarify funding for the child.

It is important that 30 hour funded pupils follow the absence policy set out in the Handbook.

Failure to attend may result in your child’s place being withdrawn for 30 hour funding.

  1. I/We have read and understand the attendance information and agree to reimburse Pinner Wood for any loss incurred in funding should my child not attend as required.
  2. I/We understand that to access the funding, children must remain in Pinner Wood nursery for a minimum of two weeks. Should parents choose to remove their child before this qualifying period, the parents will be liable for all costs incurred.
  3. I/We will report my child’s absence to the school office every day they will not be attending by 9.30am either by leaving a message on the attendance line, or by sending an e-mail to
  4. I/We agree to give at least a terms notice of withdrawing our child’s place at Pinner Wood nursery.


We currently have 13 spaces at 30 hours in our nursery. If more applications are received than there are places for 30 hours, places will be offered to children in the following order:

  1. Looked after children or previously looked after children by a local authority.
  2. Children referred by Harrow’s Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Service. 
  3. Children of staff.
  4. Sibling link (i.e. older brothers/sisters). Children with a brother or sister attending Pinner Wood school at the time of admission. 
  5. Any other children. If, under any criterion, there are more children than there are places remaining in the nursery, then the available places will be offered to child(ren) who live closest. Distance will be measured in a straight line from home to the centre point of the school site. 


As there is no statutory requirement for nursery there is no right of appeal. Should a 30 hour offer be made it will be necessary for you to ensure check your child’s eligibility and have your code validated by the school office. This code should be received by the school office no later than 15th June 2024.

Please Note: A 30 hours place cannot be started if your Validity Date has expired and you have entered your Grace Period - please ensure that you have reconfirmed before your child is due to start.

A full copy of the Early Years Providers Handbook is available at: Harrow Early Years Providers Handbook

Please ensure you read and understand the content of the terms on which the funding for which you are applying for will be paid by the Council. Please note in particular the following information contained in the handbook;

  • The availability of a full copy of the Handbook on Harrow Councils webpage and the term and conditions that bind the Provider and the Parents
  • Information about their offer and admissions criteria available to parents at the point the child first accesses provision at their setting and
  • Those funding arrangements described at paragraphs 2.20 to 2.22
  • The eligibility for funding criteria at section 3 of the Handbook
  • Those Charging Guidelines at paragraphs 4.9 to 4.17 of the Handbook
  • The Additional Support Information at paragraphs 5.1 to 5.10
  • The consequences of making a fraudulent claim at section 6
  • Information about to whom to complain at section 7

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