Values and Vision

Our Vision for every child:

‘Growing as we learn, Learning as we grow’


Our Vision for our School:

Pinner Wood’s vision is to be an exceptional school. We strive to be at the heart of our community, delivering a high-quality, knowledge rich curriculum for all our children.  

We are committed to providing an all-round education. We aim to inspire children’s minds (with a love of learning and academic knowledge), hearts (enhancing their well-being and character education) and hands (developing problem solving, critical thinking and practical skills). We encourage children to think and ‘dream big’, to become life-long learners, ready to impact and make a positive contribution to our world.

We endeavour, as a whole school community, to instil a love of learning and a thirst for curiosity in our children, both in and out of the classroom, harnessing a variety of teaching techniques and approaches to stimulate, develop and nurture inquisitive minds.

We pledge to provide our children with a wealth of opportunities and unforgettable experiences throughout their journey with us to inspire and challenge. We encourage everyone to ‘step up’, take responsibility for their development and contribute to the community in which they belong.

Everyone at Pinner Wood embraces individualism and diversity, celebrates differences and shows respect, kindness, care and compassion for all.

A Pinner Wood learner will grow in confidence. Their curiosity and resilience will blossom, readying them for the next stage of their educational journey. They will develop lifelong transferable skills, important values and qualities in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.  

More details of our vision can be found in the governors section.



We all pledge to uphold our Pinner Wood Values by… 

 Pupil Pledge:  

  1. As a pupil of Pinner Wood School, I agree to be the best that I can
  2. I will Dream Big, come to school, prepared to learn, and have high expectations for myself and the world I live in
  3. I will show Strength Through Positivity, persevere through challenges and be determined not give up
  4. I will Choose Kindness, respect myself and everything around me, both people and resources, through my words and actions
  5. I will be the Heart of the Community – participate in whole school and class discussions/projects and make a positive contribution to my community
  6. I will Step Up to take responsibility for my actions and use skills to resolve conflict in a positive way
  7. I will Enjoy Learning and take advantage of all the opportunities and experiences offered to me and bring a positive attitude to learning

School Pledge:

  1. Dream Big with Bonnie Bird – the school will provide lots of opportunities, experiences and support new ideas for pupils to dream big and have the highest expectations for our school and community
  2. Strength Through Positivity with Hari Hedgehog – the school will teach pupils to be resilient, provide a safe environment where it is ok to make mistakes, equip our pupils and staff with the skills to mediate and solve conflicts in a safe and purposeful way
  3. Choose Kindness with Barney Badger – the school will encourage kindness at all levels. All behaviour at all levels is dealt with within our agreed code/policies. We will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour or that that falls below our Pinner Wood expectations and detrimental to the school core purpose
  4. Heart of the Community with Betty Bee – the school will reflect the community in which it sits and make links with the community in a two-way system – give to us; we give back
  5. Step Up with Sammy Squirrel – the school will encourage leadership at all levels, support ideas and encourage research and independent thinking
  6. Enjoy Learning with Ozzie Owl – the school ensures our curriculum is relevant, engaging and inspiring to others with high quality teaching and a consistent approach across the school. The school encourages all pupils to enjoy learning and provides opportunities for all  

Our Ethos

At Pinner Wood our ethos for everyone is:

  • Be safe and happy
  • Have respect and show kindness to each other
  • Learn and achieve to the very best of our ability


Pupil Values Menu

How does it work?

Every half term we will work on a different value. Your child can complete some, all or additional activities (thought up by themselves) to meet the value.

At the end of the half term the teacher will decide if your child has demonstrated the value. If they have, they will receive a sticker towards their passport.

If they don’t meet the value there will be a chance to catch up later in the year.

The idea is for every child to complete the values passport by the end of the year.

If your child completes activities at home to meet the value – please post onto Seesaw so we can share with the class.


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